Latest Spa Trends 2017: Carbonated Charcoal Bubble Face Mask

Google Search Data Shows Beauty Segment Queries for Face Masks on a Sharp Rise with Carbonated Face Mask Leading the Demand

How many times have you said to yourself, “I thought of that years ago”, when a new trending product is flying off the shelves? It happens all the time and the winners are either big brands or luxury spa consulting trend face masksomeone willing to take on the risk. Well those days are over thanks to the wealth of free data that Google provides. This data clearly shows the carbonated face mask with or without charcoal is in high demand and producers have yet to meet needs.

Going back 2 years if you were to look at search behaviors and keyword phrases in the beauty product market, masks would stand out. Rising in organic search as a beacon of what the market demands. When demand is identified, you fulfill it and ride the waves of success until the trend ends. But that is just part of the findings in this beauty trend analysis. Users want to feel the mask working and are interested in charcoal carbonated face masks. Data is clear that this is what they want.

DIY Face Masks Stealing Market Share?

Over the past few years “DIY” category of searches, which includes homemade and how to’s, has increased 8%. Further analysis shows a 38% increase in “DIY” specifically replacing “how to” and “homemade”, which are in decline. What does this mean? User intent becomes clear.  They want more content from real skincare professionals. They want to feel confident in what they use for their skincare routine. They want results. 

If more people are turning to professional recipes for their charcoal bubble face mask, it is entirely possible that less are buying beauty products from retail brands. Market share must be shifting and not in favor of retail beauty brands. How significant the shift and does it affect your business are the real questions. But we believe that intent is not for a home brewed carbonated face mask but actually a face mask that is of high quality and able to be used anywhere. No mess to clean up and professional results that users expect from a luxury spa treatment. Our conclusion is suppliers to high-end spas with a retail line of face masks with carbon enriched layer style masks are gaining market share. The DIY trend for beauty products, we evaluate as a sort of bring the spa experience home and get treatment on users terms.

Face Mask Innovation Winners & Losers: Which Side are You On?

If you are a big brand supplier of beauty products then you have the marketing team in place that makes this data analysis old news. These businesses already have products on the shelves meeting the demand. Biore and SOO ae for example recently launched entire lines of charcoal based products with extreme success. But for the smaller business this is new news because deep research like this is rarely seen as a justified cost. There are a few specialized small business owners producing skincare products that have the vision to use this free data from Google as guidance for future product development.

carbonated face mask

The Carbonated Face Mask Utilizes Activated Charcoal to Achieve Ultra High Levels of Detoxification.

If you are this type of business owner or work for a company with a data driven mentality, then expect to have a solid year of growth. Winners go to the small businesses with data driven methods. Losers, everyone else. Even though big brands like Biore are ahead, they are not positioned to compete with the luxury face mask market. Sure they are making millions but our readers do not target that demographic. Furthermore, most small businesses specialize in limited segments of beauty products and know that trying to compete with established big brands is not a sound marketing strategy.

The Light at the End of the Luxury Face Mask Market Sales Funnel

It is never too late to introduce new products when using a great marketing strategy. These new trends in mask types are all rising at impressive levels.

Here are a top few that caught my attention:

  • Carbonated clay mask – 5030% increase in search with index share of 10.7
  • Carbonated bubble clay mask – 2188% increase and 34.2 index
  • Bubble clay mask – 1899% index of 17.2
  • DIY face mask – 48% index of 54.2
  • Lip mask (France) – 12000%/10.1  (very young market)

From the data above, the best carbonated charcoal clay based or layer style mask that is produced for 2017 and beyond is a sure winner. It would be difficult to lose money on this product if launched correctly. With the help of Luxury Spa Consulting, we already have a solid strategy to guarantee a successful product launch of this type of face mask that would bring solid revenue for minimum of 5 years. Follow us on social to see parts of this strategy and methods to increase revenue for your spa or product line.