Expect Explosive Growth in the Global Facial Mask Market

Global Facial Mask Market Estimated to Break USD 30 Billion for 2017.

google trends in spa and wellness 2017

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As the movement to defy the ageing process increases, naturally so does the demand for more innovative and technologically advanced wellness products. Of all the different types of products, facial masks have become the clear leader of the pack.

Digging deeper into the data from my favorite source, Google Trends, layer style facial masks are a sure winner to lead the pack of the big names in skincare products. Further research suggests that the masses really are not as conscientious about price points but rather they want a product that works. After all they are only getting older!

This sets up an interesting dynamic between the big brands and the numerous smaller brands that do not have the marketing force to grab any significant amount of market share. So the big question is….What is the marketing strategy that will be robust, guarantee ROI and find that perfect niche to make it big?

At Luxury Spa Consulting we have been doing these types of data analysis’ almost 20 years in other big brand vs. little brand markets and are very methodical at how we approach client’s perceptions. The advantage we have now is our other half of spa & wellness professional who have worked at the highest levels of executive leadership and business acumen that make up the rest of the company. We make a perfect team!

We are Data Driven Because the Findings Reveal So Much More

Knesko Best Face Mask for Future Trends

Knesko is in Perfect Position to for this Market

Back to the numbers. The estimated continual annual growth rate is set at 6.5% for the next 5 years not counting 2017. That has the market worth USD 42 Billion by 2022. With numbers like these, breaking our more conservative estimates sinceĀ  data mining this subject since 2016, we are busy defining strategic information to advise our friends. We sometimes call them clients when they don’t listen, but that for another discussion. What to do? Don’t worry we are ready but can’t give away the work we have done for our long time friend Knesko, Inc.

On a closing note, we identified which types of masks will outperform all others up through 2019. This is why Luxury Spa Consulting is a great company to work with. I invite you to email us with any questions regarding our services or just to get some free advice on your current spa & wellness business.

Here’s a freebi, Knesko has been with us for a long time and their products are amazing. I encourage our readers to visit their site Knesko.com and read their story and learn why my favorite, the Nano-Gold Repair Face Mask is so effective.

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