Spa & Wellness Consulting Services

Spa Business Operations

Covering the three fundamental business tactics that collectively produce revenue. These 3 imperatives work together to produce revenue from both tangible and intangible assets. The 3 requirements are generation of residual income, increasing value and securing income and value for the long term. Our goal is to evaluate these basic principles that guide all business operations and develop strategies to solidify your spa operation’s future growth.

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    Retail Selections & Brand Types

    Increase retail profit in a number of ways based of your specific business style. The selection of the correct types of retail offerings is paramount to having continued growth in sales year after year.

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    Recommend Spa Menu Services

    Not a spas serve the same type of clientele. We analyze your specific market, gather data on competitors and research uptapped niche marketing. This aquired data allows for the creation of optimized spa menus which bring maximum margin potential and easy upselling

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    Revenue Generators

    Our broad experience in the spa & wellness industry in tandem with creative marketing expertise provides an advantage in identifiying new revenue streams. We place extreme importance in long-term returns on the operational modifications resulting from our services. We provide step by step guidance which promotes confidence needed to reflect positive change.

Spa Management

Simply put management is coordination of the people in your operation to acheive a common goal. With years of experience and formal training at the highest levels, we know the importance of a sound managing style. When your business is practicing proven management techniques the benfits include employee retention, common goal driven atmosphere, decreases in customer service failures and the development of a team that go above and beyond expectations with minimal oversight.

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    Training for Success

    We have over 15 years of training staff the secrets to providing customer service at the highest level. As past trainers for Marriott brands such as Ritz Carlton & Edition, you have the confidence that your team is trained for success.

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    Standard Operating Procedures

    Structure and guidance is key to providing consistant 5 star service over and over. We establish a set of standard operating procedures that guarantee to establish consistency, professionalism and respect among your staff. This builds your brand’s reputation and keep clients coming back.

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    Business Optimization

    An extensive review of your current status of operations to establish a baseline. From this data we will make the necessary changes to bring both short term gains and long term growth. Areas covered: Budget/Payroll, staff evaluation systems, supplier choice, management style, incentive programs and more.

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